Established since 1979, CONNEX has been in the Safe industry for more than 43 years and our safes have been protecting thousands of homes and offices in over 100 countries worldwide.

As one of the major manufacturers of Fire/Burglar resistant safes for offices, homes and hotels, our product range includes fire resistant safe & cabinets, passport safes, hotel safes, fire hotel safes, etc.

Our safes have achieved International fire test standard from USA UL, Sweden SP, Russia GOST, Japan JIS, Korea KS and China CNAL.

Our factory in Vietnam is the largest fire safe facility in Asia. We are also the 1st in the Safe industry to be manufacturing Keys and Locks. Our customers enjoy the assurance of obtaining duplicate keys within 24 hours.

We provide superior quality, competitive pricing and service excellence.

ISO 9001:2008
Registration No: QAIC/SG/212-A