The CONNEX safes is designed to provide not only maximum protection against fire but also to foil any tampering and break-ins. The anti-burglary features incorporated within the safes comprise some of the latest innovation in the security industry.

Built-In Alarm Bell (Optional)

This additional anti-burglary security feature sets off an audible alarm when forceful contact is made with the handle or body of the safe after the system is armed. The alarm will continue until it is switched off by key.

Dual Protection Locking System

All CONNEX Safes come with our ultra secure cylinder key lock system and the combination lock which features 100 million combinations and is virtually manipulation-proof.

Automatic Re-Locking Device

This special anti-burglary device activates an auto-lock mechanism whenever the ultra-sensitive system detects an attempted break-in or tampering of the lock. The bolts and door will remain closed. (For Changeable combination only)


This 4-directional bolt locking system offers significantly better security than the conventional 2-directional locking safes.